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Financial Planner Awards 2018 Winners

Our heartiest congratulations to our inaugural Financial Planner of the Year Award winners and our Corporate Award winners from the Banking, Insurance and Financial Advisory sectors!

The winners of the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) Financial Planner Awards include (from left) Mr Colin Lai (financial advisory - rising star), Ms Goh Ming Shan (insurance - rising star), Ms Kaylyn Heng (banking - rising star), Ms Fion Ong (banking - open category) and Mr James Yang (insurance -open category). Mr Roy Walker (financial advisory - open category) was not present. Second from left is guest of honour Heng Chee How, and sixth from left is FPAS president Joseph Kwok.

Corporate winners for companies with the most finalists

First industry-wide Financial Planner of the Year Awards Singapore!

Financial Advisory - Open 

Top Ten Finalists

  • Benjamin Tan, CFP - Manulife FA

  • Calvin Bok, CFP - Financial Alliance

  • Ernest Tan, CFP - IPP FA

  • Jacky Ong, CFP - Finexis Advisory

  • Jerry Yeo, CFP - PIAS

  • Joanna Lai, CFP - IPP FA

  • Joseph Kennedy, CFP - Finexis Advisory

  • Koh Poo Kwee, CFP - AIA FA

  • Roy Varghese, CFP - iFast Financial

  • Shawn Yap, CFP - IPP FA

Banking - Open 

Top Ten Finalists*

  • Benjamin Tan - HSBC Bank

  • Naomi Chua Sin Ying - HSBC Bank

  • Ivy Liu - HSBC Bank

  • Joanne Ong Pee Wei - DBS Bank

  • Kenneth Kwan Zijian - HSBC Bank

  • Lim Hwee Seah - UOB Bank

  • Lim Yow Renn - DBS Bank

  • Marcus Song - HSBC Bank

  • Marcus Tan - HSBC Bank

  • Rachel Yeo - HSBC Bank

  • Shyane Chong - HSBC Bank

Financial Advisory - Rising Star 

Top Two Finalists

  • Julian Paul Bannigan - Nexus Financial

  • Khoo Yong Guan - AIA FA

Insurance - Open 


  • Michelle Teo - Tokio Marine Life

Insurance - Rising Star 

Top Two Finalists

  • Chen Mo Cheng - Prudential

  • Mabel Tan - Great Eastern Life

Banking - Rising Star 

Top Five Finalists

  • Alicia Dee Chiew Yong - DBS Bank

  • Kimi Yamada - HSBC Bank

  • Pamela Lau - HSBC Bank

  • Shervin Chew Yang Xuan - DBS Bank

  • Yvonne Ng Yalin - DBS Bank

*Additional awards presented in view of the outstanding submissions received within this category.

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